Exclusive Creations
The Perfume Collections

The creation of an original fragrance is a careful and intricate work. The Master Perfumer must put into play all of his sensitivity, knowledge, personal culture and, above all, the required time necessary, several months even years, in creating a perfume which will express the refinement of a new, original fragrance formulation which will become part of his anthology.

During the past forty years of his professional activity in Italy, Lorenzo Dante Ferro has successfully created many exclusive projects for prestigious clients that operate in various  business sectors.  With the introduction of their personalized perfume line, our clients have been able to create a surprising diversification within their core business, generating  a new position for their brand on the international marketplace. This has given them the opportunity to offer exclusive artisanal perfumes and perfumed products of great quality that have all of the characteristics necessary to become perfume classics in time that people will love to wear and remember.