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Davide Cenci - Rome Milan New York

Perfume Collection

How does one present, in an olfactive sense, the quality, elegance and exclusivity of the brand Davide Cenci? Far from industrial perfume productions, a niche perfume, like a tailor-made suit to order, can interpret the international style of the women and men that wear Davide Cenci. In keeping true to the synergy between sight and smell, he created the new perfume Davide Cenci capturing the sensations suggested by the rich brown and brilliant orange colors of the brand. As Lorenzo Dante Ferro likes to say, creating the perfume for Davide Cenci was comparable to composing Music for the Nose. A sound which is cultured, sophisticated, classic with a contemporary flair.  Our sense of smell can evoke, suggest and move us more than perhaps any other sense.

Following that introduction, a perfume to celebrate the heritage of their prestigious brand Dal 1926 Davide Cenci.  A vintage perfume that evokes a distant place in time with sumptuous accords of Golden Amber, Imperial Tobacco, Sandalwood and Patchouly with refined shadings of Leather and Cognac made velvety and sublime by the notes of Feves Tonka, Vanilla and precious Beeswax with delicate accents of Lemon, Citron and Mandarin.

  • ClientDavide Cenci