Exclusive Creations

As we spoke about the world of fine perfumes during our first meeting with Alexandra Mazzanti and her mother, Maddalena, we immediately understood just how refined their personal tastes were. As we heard the names of some of the most classic fragrances that have accompanied her during her lifetime, Signora Maddalena revealed to us the gentile nature, elegance and feminine grace that distinguish her together with her young and romantic heart. Alexandra expressed herself with the same delicate character as that of her mother’s.

Ray Caesar’s art work, “Palpitation” made Lorenzo Dante Ferro recall the philosophical meaning and the delicate balance of the words mother’s milk, as the milk of the mother symbolizes the sweet part of life and sensitivity while  father’s blood, the blood of the father is expressed through the character given to one by the salty part of life. After these reflections, it was possible to better comprehend the symbolism of Palpitation Perfume, allowing him to transpose this piece of art into a soave and refined perfume capable of evoking the very essence of life. These two fluids, that are almost cosmic forces, ignite in each one of us the first palpitation of strength, courage and the tender memories of a warm and maternal embrace filled with love which will accompany us towards our Destiny.

  • ClientThe Dorothy Circus Gallery