Exclusive Creations
Caffè Florian - Venice

Perfume Collection

Containing natural essential oils, they tell the centuries-old stories of the traditions of this historical Caffè.  This collection of Florian perfumes and fragrances is a collaboration that began with Lorenzo Dante Ferro, the last Venetian Master Perfumer and one of the great “noses” in the world to have this unique talent. Rare and original, this bespoke fragrance collection is comprised of two, much sought after Eau de Toilettes: Acqua Admirabilis and Acqua Moresca presented in an elegant glass flacon made precious by a gold-gilded Murano glass bead.

Inspired by the four halls of the Caffè Florian, the ambiance perfume line was conceived as a delicate balance of different essences, some more full-bodied and spicy, others fresher and refined. They are: Sale del Florian: Sala Orientale, Sala delle Stagioni. Sala del Senato and Sala degli Uomini Illustri.

L’Essenza Florian embraces precious olfactive memories that recall the Caffè and the line includes an elegant reed diffuser a perfumed candle and a practical natural spray flacon. A perfume, a memory, an emotion but also, the affirmation of its true personality: these are the fragrances of Florian.

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