Exclusive Creations
Illy Università del caffè

17 bottles of perfume, 17 porcelain jars, “A cup full of aromas” a scientific book that represents an analysis of the physiological and chemical issues applied to the world of aromas of coffee, 3 different olfactory experiences and a dedicated educational program for an audience of professionals and coffee lovers. This is the contents of the box set “illy coffee aromas”, didactical kit developed by the Università del Caffè to tell the scent of coffee quality and acquire specific skills in tasting.

The idea behind the box “illy coffee aromas” enhances the relationship between scent and coffee. Flasks, in fact, contain real fragrances exclusively created by the Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro. 16 perfumes reproduce the aromas identified by illycaffè laboratories SensoryLab and Aromalab; The seventeenth is the smell of roasted coffee, an original interpretation of his elusive aroma. The olfactory experience recreates the experience of perfumery sophistication through the use of customized mouillettes and porcelain jars, fitted with a lid whose handle reproduces the iconic of illy espresso cup designed by Matteo Thun.

  • ClientIlly Università del caffè