Exclusive Creations

Farmacia Vaticana Ambiance Perfume Collections

These Ambiance Perfumes, rising towards the mysterious infinity with their unique generosity, beauty, and transparency are like an Invisible Presence that loves us, accepts us as we are, and with its caress, accompanies us throughout our daily lives.

The Ambiance Perfumes that comprise The Sacred Bible Collection and The Classic Collection, fragrances of deep meaning and beauty, were created exclusively for the Vatican Pharmacy by Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Italian Master Perfumer, with a careful selection of the finest natural essential oils and aromatic materials to provide you with an authentic dimension of olfactive well-being.


The Vatican Pharmacy was founded in 1874, by Eusebio Ludvig Fronmen, a Fatebenefrattelli monk.  According to Vatican sources, it is the busiest pharmacy in the world, averaging more than 2,000 customers per day.

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