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A'MARILLI - Zanon Profumerie

In March of 1943, Alice Pesce, a dynamic woman with a strong spirit of initiative, opened the doors to her first perfume shop in the heart of Udine, Italy with impressive courage during the last months of WWII.  In the center of this beautifully historic town framed by palazzi, rich architectural monuments and lush flora of the local parks and botanical gardens, a quiet elegance and one of soft tones has always reigned. When you are surrounded by beauty, the desire to transmit one’s appreciation for all things splendid becomes natural. So it was that Alice Pesce passed down her great love for her town, for perfumes and the culture of refinement to her daughter, Marilli Zanon and later to her granddaughter, Valeria.

Their brilliant initiative, their dedication to hard work and the passion combined of these three women: Alice, Marilli and Valeria, represent the strength of achievement in reaching the 75th Anniversary of business activity of the Profumeria Zanon.  To celebrate their important landmark year in their beloved town of Udine, the birthplace of Eustachio Celebrino, they thought to give life to a new perfume, created expressly for them, thereby enabling their own entrance into the prestigious and reserved world of niche perfumes. To do so, Lorenzo Dante Ferro,  created a rich and enveloping perfume that would honor the name and unmatched style of the Profumeria Zanonper far bella ciascun donna…to make each woman beautiful…which is precisely what they, for well over three generations, continue to do with great success.

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