Personalization Services
Celebrations, Cerimonies and Events

There are celebrations in life that call for the creation of exclusive party favors or gifts to give to your attending guests. Lorenzo Dante Ferro will personalize a personal perfume or ambiance fragrance from our collection for that important day: be it the Birth of your child, a college Graduation party, a Wedding, a milestone Birthday party, a Golden Anniversary or even a cerimonial Yacht Launch…

Personalization Services
Clubs and Associations

Upon request, Lorenzo Dante Ferro can personalize one of his ambiance or personal fragrance creations for clubs and associations, that succeed in bringing people together with a sublime aura that is highly distinguishable. This exclusive form of olfactive communication is an invitation to take part of  the new, total lifestyle concept that a service club, sport club or association can offer to its members by creating their own, new and exclusive fragrance tradition.

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