L’Arte Invisibile
Profumi Made in Italy®

“Made in Italy” is a diamond of countless facets, one of which is the elegance and quality of the perfumes made by Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Master Perfumer.

Every aspect of his products, ranging from conception to packaging, from carefully choosing only the world’s best natural essential oils and absolutes to creating a perfume with masterful care are all personally done by him, thus making this the true art of perfumery in its purest form.

The headquarters of Lorenzo Dante Ferro are located in the heart of Friuli’s finest wine country where Nature has perfectly combined all of the elements necessary for a fertile imagination.

The high quality of living, the historical surroundings with a mark of Venetian influence and the utmost devotion to artistic artisan tradition, make it conducive for Lorenzo Dante Ferro to create the most original and prestigious perfumes in Italy today.



Lorenzo Dante Ferro S.n.c. is an Italian artisan company founded in 1982 and specializes in the study of Olfactive Architecture, Fragrance Creations & Compositions, the Creation of Personalized Perfumes, Olfactive Strategies and Communications and the Creation and Production of Artisanal Perfumes that respect the traditions and highest qualitative standards of Italian handcraftsmanship.