Perfuming the space between people

Dearest Friends,

As many of you already know, the Profumi d’Ambiente from our vast collections of ambiance perfumes are all Geolfactive® fragrances. Originating in 1984, from an innovative and exclusive concept of Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Master Perfumer, they are original formulas created to express the style of the finest Italian traditions.

All the collections of our Profumi d’Ambiente: VENEZIA COLLECTION, CASA and OPUS ODORUM, offer you a selection of refined fragrances for interiors with the highest concentrations of natural essential oils to meet today’s growing needs e to develop simple and alternative ways to create a different atmosphere that is uniquely pleasurable and surprising and give real quality to redefining your personal spaces.

Traveling at Home

Lorenzo Dante Ferro, created these Profumi d’Ambiente to heighten the sensorial perception of surrounding landscapes and to help you recall olfactive memories of distant places by evoking for example: the perfumes of Italian citrus, Spring flowers or the brisk fragrances of the sea or mountains to be enjoyed directly in your home. The radiant and natural aura of these ambiance perfumes of the highest qualities, provide olfactive focal points that are invisible and interactive, accompanying every person in your home on a sensorial voyage wherever and whenever you desire, with no queues, no rush and no luggage. In fact, you will discover how much pleasure can be derived from planning your personal trip “Around the World in 80 Seconds” with the Profumi d’Ambiente created by Lorenzo Dante Ferro, by making your fragrance selections based on the geographical locations and countries you wish to visit and experience.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

Changing the air has never been so easy for your nose!  Through a natural sense of inspiration and wellbeing that our Profumi d’Ambiente provide, you will be able to appreciate your precious memories of journeys, of cultural trips, meeting with friends and sports and adventure in the open air even more. Beyond the pleasure of their continuous company in the air, the daily use of our Profumi d’Ambiente will reveal numerous benefits including their aromatherapeutic and sanitizing properties that help to promote good health. These expressions of Nature’s gifts and beauty, are ever more important to us now and can help purify our thoughts and favor a good night’s sleep.

A Personal Note from the Master Perfumer

Lorenzo Dante Ferro highly recommends to everyone, to make an extra effort to keep your sense of smell trained and sharp, in simple ways, that can give more strength and protection to your psyche and raise your moral spirit. He suggests to create a Celebration of the Senses in the comfort and safety of your personal surroundings, by uniting together with this total concept of Italian culture, historically successful in passing down the most beautiful of olfactive memories, genuine expressions of joy and an original way to live the unmistakable lifestyle that the real Made in Italy offers to you.