I Celebrini

Eustacchio Celebrino’s important work gives the city of Udine an important role in the history of perfume in the western world.

At times, the force of inspiration prompts a person to undertake important and surprising  steps in life when it manifests itself in the marvels of the technologies of the times in which  one lives. Among the historical echoes in the world of perfume creation, the illustrious citizen  of Udine, Eustachio Celebrino, a respected author and engraver, printed in March of 1526 in Venice what is known to be one of the first, authentic treatise ever published on the Art of Perfume Composition. This manual and perfume formulary, instinctively transmits  with generosity and refinement, the importance of guiding and imparting precious advice  for the creation and wearing of fine perfumes and expresses the concept of wellbeing as an  important symbol of distinction of Italian culture.

Celebrate the Celebrini!

Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Italian Master Perfumer desired to give life to a new line of perfumes, created expressly to “Celebrate Celebrino” and bring to new light the sources of inspiration  and writings of this singular man of modern thought for his time.

I CELEBRINI, a collection of original, prestigious and highly concentrated perfumes is  reserved for those that desire to wear olfactive expressions that are bold and of great valor: fragrant characteristics to pass on to future generations and orient them towards a lifestyle of elegance.

I Celebrini

Olfactive Descriptions


A mystical accord of precious resins with Incense, Myrrh and Oud accented with Black Pepper and Coriander on a fine heart of Sandalwood and Guajacwood with a drydown of Leather, Amber and Musk…


A sublime accord of Vetyver and Sandalwood with shadings of Orange Flowers, Nutmeg and White Pepper marked with nuances of Incense and oriental Balsams with an ambery drydown of aromatic Tobacco…


An audacious accord of the finest qualities of Patchouly Leaves with a touch of Liquorice, shadings of Jasmine and  Geranium on a background of Ambergris, Musk Tonquin and White Musks…


A fresh and vivacious accord of Neroli and Bitter Orange with shadings of Juniper, Thyme, Lavender, Ginger and Coriander  with accents of Sicilian Jasmine with a drydown of Balsam, exotic Woods and Oakmoss…


“The progress of tradition” is the refined and pleasurably fresh expression of this aldehydic accord of handmade toiletry soap together with the crisp, floral and herbaceous vintage notes of Geranium, Melissa and Lily of the Valley with nuances of Lavender, Jasmine and lightly spiced accents on a powdery background of white musk…

I Celebrini 50ml Parfum de Toilette