CASA – Ambiance Perfumes

CASA is the first ambiance perfume collection created expressly for well-known Italian Floral Designers. Select your favorite perfume with care, concentrating exclusively on the essence that is to be released into the air, without being influenced by any preconceptions that may be created by the specific color of each fragrance. The natural color of every personal and ambiance perfume created and produced by Lorenzo Dante Ferro are provided exclusively by the natural aromatic raw materials they contain with no color agents or pigments added.

  • CASA Profumi d’Ambiente Natural Spray is the first choice for ambiance perfume application that we suggest. It is marvelously dynamic, interactive and was created for those who love to change the fragrance of their home often. The natural spray bottle is easy to carry from room to room and fits easily into a handbag or your car. Even more fascinating, it allows you to enjoy the fragrance without seeing it, adding an element of pleasurable surprise! Spray high into every Cardinal direction of the room and allow the fragrance to decant in the air and harmonize with the various furnishings and design of your favorite rooms.
  • ARIE Perfume Diffusers were created for those that want to enjoy their favorite fragrance and consider it as a wonderful element of Italian Design. These olfactive and visual accessories for interiors, announce the radius of the perfume’s character and allow it to develop upwards through the reeds, inviting one to step close to enjoy its intensity.
  • LUME Perfumed Candles provide a pleasurable sense of ritual and romanticism of the perfume’s character as it is softly revealed through the warmth of its suggestive and mesmerizing flame.

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