Profumi d’Autore – Original Fine Fragrances

The creation of an original fragrance is a careful and intricate work. The Master Perfumer must put into play all of his sensitivity, knowledge, personal culture and take all the time it requires, sometimes months even years, in creating a perfume which will express the refinement of a new, original fragrance formulation to add to his anthology. While many personal fragrance preferences are clearly defined by some, there are many who nurture a deep desire to discover the spiritual side of perfuming one’s self. The individual who chooses to speak through an original fragrance that evolves on their skin uniquely, seeks a personal and subtle way to stir the imagination of others, to awaken fond memories and to exalt the wonders of Nature’s gifts.  This fragrance library opens its books to you to reveal many pages filled with the pleasure of surprise. Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Master Perfumer has written many stories for you to choose from, all of them in his impeccable and original Italian style.