I Celebrativi – Parfum de Toilette

As we go forth in Life, each one of us reflects on the significance of the personal accomplishments and milestones that we have been able to reach. Deep within us, a strong urge to gravitate towards our heart’s desires can take hold at any age and compel us to create, even to move forward into the unknown much like a child before birth. It is then that the journey begins and it is never a lonely one, for there are many we meet along the way that will enrich the best experiences of our lifetime. To all those who have inspired us to continue to create ethereal elements of beauty throughout the years, we express our ever-flowing gratitude. As a silent testimony of our work, we trust our perfumes to narrate our story by recalling again and again that we were once truly here and not just for a fleeting moment in time. In the fiftieth year of his international career, Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Italian Master Perfumer selected to create a new, exclusive line of “Celebratory” perfumes: genuine olfactive timestamps of our journey to honor our important bonds and achievements. With pride we present these original and prestigious perfumes that contain the one key ingredient required to attain the special significance that Lorenzo Dante Ferro has worked so diligently to define as his own personal, precious and rare form of art: The Essence of a Lifetime.

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