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Profumi d\'Ambiente

Italians are recognized all over the world for their outstanding taste in clothing, in culinary arts, in design and inevitably for their unique quality of life. Lorenzo Dante Ferro’s genius was to create a range of fine fragrances for interiors and exteriors, by blending high concentrations of perfume with the best qualities of natural essential oils. He recognized the need for a new fragrance concept that would provide a simple, alternative way of creating a pleasurable atmosphere, that would be surprising yet sublime to accompany a flair for lifestyle in crescendo. This fragrance concept was to result in fragrances that were rich in quality, fair in price and absolutely natural and believable. In fact, Profumi d’Ambiente are so believable that when perceived in the air, one is actually convinced that the fragrances are coming directly from objects in the home or garden: be it an antique desk, an orange grove, a pepper mill or from a newborn baby’s nursery. Lorenzo Dante Ferro absolutely loves the idea that a single fragrance can adapt itself marvellously to interiors which are very different from one another. The same fragrance used to perfume the interior of a Venetian villa on the Riviera of the Brenta, or a prestigious health spa in Tuscany or even a studio apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village will bring out a delightful array of tones and colours in its composition, each unique in their perception. Lorenzo Dante Ferro originated this luminous idea in 1984, when he chose to create the first four ambiance fragrances to perfume his own home in the Italian countryside. Today, the Profumi d’Ambiente collection consists of more than sixty fragrances and continues to grow. The line has proven to be a brilliant success over the past twenty-three years; adding a new dimension of hospitality to interior design and event planning: from parties for historical garden societies to natural parks, from concerts to culinary events, from Saint Moritz to Macau, from El Paso to Marbella, from our home to your home. Wherever in the world you may be, Profumi d’Ambiente makes every moment, of every day, ever more pleasurable.

The Importance of Natural Fragrance for Fine Interiors
In Italy, as in other parts of the world, entertaining for every occasion represents an important moment in one’s life. Italians love to celebrate and take great pleasure in the preparation and planning for a successful outcome of these joyous events for their family, friends and distinguished guests. The amount of attention which they give to each detail creates a truly magical atmosphere which is enhanced by the Profumi d’Ambiente of Lorenzo Dante Ferro offering a fascinating sense of hospitality. You may select your Profumi d’Ambiente to be used in a variety ways: to reflect the geographical location of your home (in the mountains or seaside), to underline your interior décor (classic, contemporary, country..), to follow a party theme (Christmas Holiday festivities, Spring Tea) or perhaps to place the accent on the cultural origins of your culinary talents (Italian, French cuisine). Feel free to experiment: become your own, best interior decorator when you select the Profumi d’Ambiente based on the themes suggested by the colours and materials that have been used in your home.

Profumi d'Ambiente - Application
Since 1984, we provide olfactive décor to private homes, historical estates, luxury hotels and numerous private and public establishments in Europe, United States and Asia. Some of these properties are located within recently-constructed skyscrapers that characterize Manhattan’s Colombus Circle while others, like the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, date back to the glorious years of the Belle Époque. Our Profumi d’Ambiente don’t just enjoy success on these stratospheric levels: many of our ambiance fragrances are selected by children, our youngest enthusiasts, that in learning to express their individuality, choose fragrances which are fresh, clean and fun for the room where they study and play, while other perfumes are selected by romantic grandmothers that still hold dear in their hearts the memories of the soft smell of lilacs and wisteria carried by a gentle breeze...
Most importantly, Profumi d’Ambiente were created for absolutely everyone to enjoy, for every style of décor, for making everyday more special. Take the time to study your surroundings. Give special care by spraying in areas where there are natural retentive boundaries to increase and maintain fragrance perception.  It is the constant daily use of the Profumi d’Ambiente fragrances sprayed high into the air and allowed to decant, that determines the character of a room. Profumi d’Ambiente is highly concentrated so it is not necessary to spray throughout the day.

Exclusive Distribution
Among our clients you will find: luxury hotels, health spas, cruise liners, private yachts, private clubs and clinics, financial institutions, as well an international portfolio of private clients.

The Profumi d’Ambiente gold line is not available for sale in Retail outlets or department stores. This guarantees that the ratio of price / quality is one of our fundamental and exclusive characteristics. Internet and fax orders are shipped all over the world from our production laboratories in Camino al Tagliamento, Italy.

Lorenzo Dante Ferro also undertakes individual commissions to create exclusive ambiance signature fragrances for luxury hotels and other prestigious establishments.