Treatment of Personal Data

Foundamental Principles

Lorenzo Dante Ferro snc. and assures that your personal data will always be treated according to the legal principles, necessity, reserve and discretion as recommended by the Italian law decree D.lgs 196/03 of the Italian judicial order.

In particular, we consider the privacy of our clients to be very important. It for this reason, that besides displaying the complete information on the treatment of personal data as requested by the existing laws, we would like to point out to our clients, that even in the most concise of ways, all of the data that we collect on our website will be used only for the purposes which we have stated (for example: information requests, processing of your order etc.) and for no reason will it be subjected to circulation of any kind at any time.

Credit Cards
The personal data collected will be stored in systems that implement the latest state-of-the-art technology and the strongest politics regarding informational security; in particular, the data relative to the credit cards utilized for purchasing will be directly transmitted through crypted secure channels to Friulcassa (the banking structure which we have selected for payment of our goods) and will be eventually stored solely within this system. Lorenzo Dante Ferro snc and will have no knowledge whatsoever of the your credit card data at any time.

The cookies which may eventually be forwarded by this website, will serve the sole purpose of allowing the correct functioning of the procedures foreseen for locating (the correct selection of the language to be used during navigation on our website) and for e-commerce.
Until the moment comes in which we will not be required to insert in explicit fashion personal information following your specific needs (request for contact, purchasing online) all of the data will remain completely anonymous and cannot be traced back directly to you in either a direct or indirect way.

Only at the initial connection made with our site, based on the PI remote address, can a vague hypothesis of the possible remote location of the user be made, with the sole purpose of this being to supply to these users, in the process of navigation, the language that we hope will be theirs or better known to them.
The only information which may be retrieved at this point, is the probable nation from which the connection is being made.

No section of this website will used for tracking and/or profiling technology of the user, nor will we delegate a component to third parties with the expertise to do so; the information relative to your navigation of on our website will not be registered, while the information relative to your request for contact or purchase will be utilized for the sole implementation of the duties which have been given to us.

Information on Privacy
In compliance with Italian Law Article 13 D.lgs n.196/2003, following is the publication of our information regarding the treatment and handling of personal data and information.

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